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RoboTap™ Water Main Rehabilitation Services


robotap - step 1Step 1 - Accessing the Host Main:
The RoboTap™ process requires minimal space for host main access.

Typical access points are valves, tees, and hydrants which should be replaced as part of the water main rehabilitation.


robotap - step 2Step 2 - Cleaning & Evaluating the Host Pipe:
Once the host pipe has been accessed, the pipe is cleaned and inspected using CCTV.


robotap - step 3Step 3 - Plugging the Service Connections:
Service connections are plugged using the proprietary RoboTap™ system.


robotap - step 4Step 4 - Inserting & Securing the Liner:
We use NSF 61 Certified VELCRO© brand material to custom manufacture tubes fitted to the inside diameter of the host pipe.

Once the pipe has been prepared, the liner tube is drawn into the host pipe and secured with specialized installation equipment.



robotap - step 5Step 5 - Mix & Pump Grout:
We use BASF Masterflow© 1515 PipeSaver, a specially formulated NSF 61 Certified grout that is pumped into the annular space between the outside of the liner tube and inside of the host pipe.

robotap - step 6Step 6 - Rounding the Liner:
A rounding swab is progressively advanced through the liner tube via air pressure. The rounding process simultaneously expands the liner tube and distributes the grout around the outside of the liner, thereby fully embedding the liner tube's grout key hooks into the grout.

Since the grout is distributed under pressure from the rounding swab, it is forced into any host pipe defects such as corrosion holes, cracks, and offset joints. The grout fills all of the host pipe defects and creates a "keylock" bond between the liner system and the host pipe. The newly formed composite structure consists of the liner and grout and the host pipe, leaving zero annulus.

robotap - step 7Step 7 - Post Inspection:
The rehabilitated pipe is inspected using normal video and infrared video technology to verify the installation.


robotap - step 8Step 8 - Reinstating Services:
The RoboTap™ system is used to robotically identify and reopen the service locations behind the new liner.


Step 9 - Return to Service:
The rehabilitated line is disinfected, tested, and reconnected to the existing main. Return to service is generally initiated within 14 - 16 hours of lining.


Step 10 - Contact Western Pipeway:

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs for water main rehabilitation services. Email harry@westernpipeway.com or call us at 970-453-6176.



VELCRO© is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.
Masterflow® 1515 Pipesaver is the property of Construction Research and Technology GMBH Corporation, Germany.


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