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Concrete Structure and Manhole Rehabilitation

Just as piped systems deteriorate, concrete structures and manholes also require rehabilitation work. The scope of work we have completed to date ranges from re-habilitation of the raw water storage tank at Red Rocks Amphitheatre to in-site repair of sanitary sewer manholes in Patagonia, AZ.

This work typically includes:

  • Exfiltration and/or Infiltration Control

  • Repair/Reconstruction of the Failed Sections of Structures

  • Cleaning and Preparation of Surfaces to Receive Application of Coatings Designed to Resist the Affects of Hydrogen Sulfide Gas, or the Affects of Aging

Pipe rehab

Essentially, owners want to repair their degraded structures whenever possible without conventional excavation and replacement. This can take the form of coatings designed to retard or inhibit degradation, or coatings designed to rehabilitate structures that have degraded. To that end we are certified to apply lining and rehabilitation products from several manufacturers including:

Environmental Coatings, Inc., Mesa AZ

Degussa Building Systems, Shakopee MN

Sika Corporation, Lyndhurst NJ

Strong Company, Inc., Pine Bluff AR


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